Saturday, May 9, 2009

haiku! gesundheit...

only 5 more weeks and I'll have my credential! Well, I suppose I could fail my CPR class and that would hold things up a bit, but I've inflated the lungs on those dummies so many times they know what flavor of gum I chew...

3rd grade is a crack-up; I really do have to turn away sometimes to keep from laughing at the pouting lips or dramatic attempts at self-control when their world comes crashing down with a wrong answer (or when they have to go to the bathroom). I love the serious, concerned concentration faces too, especially when their fingers are moving rapidly adding up 6 x 7.

Did a good lesson with goldfish crackers and adding fractions, very few fish were eaten and/or pulverized before their time. Next up is Haiku, which I've never done or studied or understood (regrettably, I'm not a big poetry fan), and I'll be observed and probably videotaped for good ol' California's requirements.

Dang, just realized that means I need to lose 10 lbs by Thursday!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Courtesy of TEACHERNINJA comes the trip of the day, reminiscent of the old Disneyland submarine ride: go eye-to-eye with a life-size blue whale!

Also love this stuff over at So You Want to Teach? ... the 4th grade reading with dramatic voices and gestures is awesome. Anyone use "Power Teaching" ?