Friday, February 27, 2009

Not proud of myself...

...but I suppose it had to happen sooner or later: made my first student cry today.

I didn't try to, and I wish he wouldn't have, but he did. And of course I caved, reduced the punishment and gave him the second chance speech. Whatta wimp.

Not only, that, but those little germ-mongers have me coughing upa lung and going to bed early.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

paychecks a-comin' !

Kind and wonderful MT let me take a break from classroom life today to go fill out the paperwork for sub-hood. Now, when she is gone for the next 3 days I'll get paid to do what I was doing with a sub getting paid to not do what I was doing.

I think.

Anyway, just home from class and picking up Son #1 at practice, and MUST write clear and beautiful lesson plans for tomorrow since my University Supervisor is coming out for her first visit... aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

quick notes: aren't 5th graders supposed to know who was who in the American Revolution? or at least know what side George Washington was on? how is it possible to have 1 classmate weigh 57 lbs and his buddy 179? they look like entirely different species...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I AM in charge here!

That, class, was much better. Thank you.

On my own again today, except for the sub getting paid to watch me for signs of helplessness...

it's apparent, either due to my teaching style (if I'm allowed to have one yet) or my lack of experience, that I allow the class to get a bit more talkative than MT and her former student teacher/today's sub are accustomed to; I encourage discussion once in awhile, not just hands in the air, and I think it takes time to train a class to adjust volumes to the right level and learn to have more open discussions. In the meantime, I have a sub shushing "my" class as I'm attempting to have a conversation. grrrr...

My struggle has been more with the clock than the chatting, so in my outline/notes for the day has times listed in BOLD RED when each topic and event is supposed to start, end, be at the 1/2 way point, 2 minute warning, 30 seconds late, etc, etc. It worked out almost perfect today, the only subject that got squeezed a little short was Math, and who really needs math these days anyway...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

reading list

btw, found a great book, especially if you like 6 page long lists of homonyms! I have barely cracked the spine but already know it will be on my desk for a long time...

The Reading Teacher's Book of Lists

the blue-footed what?!?!?!?

So is this a joke you veteran teachers like to pull on the rookies, sort of like sending an employee to find the "room stretcher" or sending the scouts out on a midnight snipe hunt? I had the struggling readers, complete with mini-gang member and adhd not-stop talker girl, for a small reading group: no problem. Ah, but you couldn't let it be that easy. I had the struggling readers, complete with mini-gang boy and adhd non-stop talker girl, for a small reading group ON A STORY ABOUT THE BLUE-FOOTED BOOBY AND ITS MATING HABITS: problem.


Those jelly-like blobs convulsing with giggles on the floor distracting everyone else in the 5th grade? Yep, my reading group.