Thursday, March 4, 2010

Building A Better Teacher

I watched and posted these videos last night, and in class today (subbing 5th grade) I mentioned them to the students -- in transition between subjects I talked about the kindergarten students clearing their desks in 3 seconds, and later while beginning a discussion on democracy I brought up how the 3rd grade students were able to debate the "6 is also an odd number"  issue without any interruptions or disruptions or general carrying on. Now I realize there may be some students, potential problem type students, sitting in the library while the filming is going on, but for the most part I'd say this teacher has got it going in the right direction.  I wonder if it would be beneficial for students, such as students in a class that appears to have cultivated a culture of constant interruption and talking over each other,  to watch some of these videos to see that yes, it is actually humanly* possible to sit still and not talk when someone else is talking?

It seems there is a discernible difference in classrooms I work in: some are designed, set up, run, developed, fostered, created, etc., with a primary, overriding culture of learning, while others are concerned only with "getting through" -- the material, the day, the school year...

Guess in which type of classroom it is easier/smoother/productive and more rewarding to be a Guest Teacher?

*assuming that is we acknowledge 8-12 year old children as "human" -- There is considerable debate.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aaron Burr Raps!

As it says, easily the best rap song about the first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton... not sure my elementary kids would get it, but middle or high school?

Cash For Grades

Should we pay the students to do well in school?

Would you give up your raise to reward your students with cold hard cash?

The Two Oldest Professions?

"A prospective substitute teacher wanted to know why she hadn’t been selected for an assignment. Slavin explained that her conviction for prostitution made her ineligible."

Ya think?!?!?  That doesn't really have a lot to do with this article, but then again...

Building A Better Teacher

and here are some great videos to go with it -- this is the way I want to teach!

Doug Lemov Teaching Videos