Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obviously, MT's sick day (last Tuesday) so completely obliterated me I'm just now recovering...

actually, it wasn't that bad. The substitute, the official teacher that got paid for the day while I did all the work, was very supportive and helpful and thanked me for the easiest sub job he'd had (although he did not offer to send me part of his paycheck). He was fairly new as well, so we brainstormed a bit as to what we could have done as the class got incrementally louder and louder. Praise ______* it was a half day!

It was just one of those days where things popped up that weren't on the day's schedule (Library Day! Pass out new weekly packets Day!) and that threw everything out of synch. Interesting that MT didn't ask for a recap the next day, but between still being sick and preparing for the District Superintendent's visit on Thurs, I wasn't high on her priority list. Which was good, in that I could help more with classroom operations, grading and organizing and helping individ students, so I feel more in the flow of the class. I still have issues with the clock, never remembering when recess is or reading groups or whatever...

*just who is the god/goddess/patron saint of teachers?

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm in charge here!

(cue maniacal laughter and fiendish control-the-world hand wringing)

MT is going to be out sick tomorrow, so who's the man? I'm the man!

Of course there will be a paid sub sitting at the corner desk judging my every blunder, but for all intent and purpose it's my class tomorrow! I'm feeling a bit more pressure than a regular sub job, since I'll be standing right there when the teacher comes back on Wednesday and the students all give their reports.

Maybe I should bring candy for bribes...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ummm... anyone have a copy of Katie's Trunk I can borrow?

I'm teaching it on Tuesday, but 2 libraries and 4 bookstores later, I haven't read it yet.

It looks like I'm in charge of most of the Language Arts; not really "in charge" since we're following the HoutMiff program and Master Teacher's years and years of prior lesson notes, but she is letting me do most of the teaching. Morning activity, main lesson, grammar group, spelling tests...

I also have several bulletin boards to do... is this in my job description?

odds and ends from the first "full" week:

1. I think I'm going to love teaching.
2. Oh man, do I wish I was getting paid for this.
3. 5th graders really, really should brush their teeth well every morning before school. Twice.
4. How big is the crate the Math materials come in? There's a several edition volume for the teacher, a reference book, a skill book, a worksheet book...
5. There could be two clocks on every wall and my Flava Flav edition watch on my wrist and I still would have no idea what time it is...
6a. There is a brief occurance of pure stillness, a moment as close to peace and calm one can find this side of the Pearly Gates, every afternoon at 2:51 as the last student leaves the classroom.
6b. There is a similar moment of stillness every morning, in that last second before the bell rings, but instead of peace it is filled with anticipation-- the same sense of anticipation I assume one feels right before a Great White shark attacks. Or more precisely, 30 Great White sharks attack.