Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm A Slacker.

I've meant to chronicle my life as a substitute teacher, but for some reason or other I haven't made the time and effort to get anything posted.

But I do have around the office scattered post-it notes with barely-begun, half-finished thoughts covering days as a substitute/guest teacher; I know it can be beneficial and cathartic to get ideas down on "paper" even though no one, probably not even myself, will read them.  Isn't there a famous quote along the lines of "writing is food for the soul" -- at least that's what I think is scribbled down on this note, along with the words "comfort food/beer."  That must have been after my first day in Middle School.

The past few months have been much more rewarding than challenging, certainly even the toughest day doesn't make me question the decision to become an educator (although if you would've told me about the economy/budget/job disaster waiting for me...).

I have done Kindergarten (dang those little ones are quick!), Jr. High (damn, some of those boys are big), and Special Ed (fall in love and break your heart) and lots of 1st -3rd grade.  I've had a student turn into Wolverine for the afternoon, a student run off and disappear, and a student push me back up against a table.  Well, I kind of let him since he was all of 3 feet tall and I'm sure the rules prohibit me from lifting him by the seat of his pants and tossing him toward the Principal's office...