Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not such a good idea?

Six weeks, five school districts, dozens of resumes and letters of introduction, four interviews, and zero contract offers... [insert deep sigh here]

It’s hard to be rejected. For 20+ years I never once heard “No thanks” for any job or position I interviewed for, and while I knew I wasn’t simply going to walk out of my last credential class and into a classroom, I also didn’t think the education business was going to go so far down the toilet I’d be competing against over 400 people for every rare opening.

But like any good educator I'm being reflective, reviewing all the interviews, going over what I said and did, trying to learn from my mistakes and get better. While meeting a Principal and his/her staff for an interview certainly can be nerve-racking,  I needed to do something to set myself apart from the other candidates. In hindsight though, I’m thinking just there are a few things that maybe I should not have done --

...maybe I shouldn't have passed out mojitos to "loosen things up a bit" ?
...maybe I shouldn't have handed out envelopes from "a friend in Vegas" ?
...maybe I shouldn't have done the last one in Dothraki?
...maybe I shouldn't have brought along my mom?
...maybe I shouldn't have asked: "Who's your fave, One Direction or Big Time Rush?
...maybe I shouldn't have done last one in bathrobe and slippers?
...maybe I shouldn't have prayed so long? Or spoke in tongues?
...maybe I shouldn't have described my classroom management style as ‘Draconian’?
...maybe I shouldn't have worn my "Michelle Rhee is Superwoman" tee?
...maybe I shouldn't have bragged so much about my extensive ‘Hello Kitty’ collection?

Interview Delirium has led to feeble attempts at humor. The old laugh to keep from crying routine? Actually no, I've gotten good feedback from several principals and still have confidence something nice will work out soon for this year. Or next year. Or sometime after that...