Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just A Teacher

Certainly not "Just A Teacher" -- inspiring things to read.

Day Eight

All I can say is, daaaang I'm tahred.
In fact, I am writing this with drooping eyelids and would usually at this time (8:30 -- my self from 2 weeks ago would scoff derisively at my new self's bedtime) be curling up under the covers to read my nightly 1/2 a sentence of Stephen King's 11/22/63 (and at 849 pages I'll finish it the evening of April 3, 2076. Unless I have papers to grade.) but tonight I am desperately trying to think of my Book Club's 5th out of 4 books -- I can't do a cool bulletin board set up for 4 groups and leave out the 5th, can I?

I need a robot in the classroom with remote control so I can have him/her/it roll around the classroom at night and look at things I forget to shove into the 85 lb backpack I bring home every night.

Not really.  I like doing things at home. Take off the tie, pet the cat, wife brings me dinner, think about lessons and look up stuff and wake up disconcerted hollering "5x! Magna Carta! i before e! Isosceles!" then wipe off the drool on my keyboard...

Man, I love my job.