Thursday, February 26, 2009

paychecks a-comin' !

Kind and wonderful MT let me take a break from classroom life today to go fill out the paperwork for sub-hood. Now, when she is gone for the next 3 days I'll get paid to do what I was doing with a sub getting paid to not do what I was doing.

I think.

Anyway, just home from class and picking up Son #1 at practice, and MUST write clear and beautiful lesson plans for tomorrow since my University Supervisor is coming out for her first visit... aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

quick notes: aren't 5th graders supposed to know who was who in the American Revolution? or at least know what side George Washington was on? how is it possible to have 1 classmate weigh 57 lbs and his buddy 179? they look like entirely different species...

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TeachEnEspanol said...

I hope your first observation went well! Also, hooray for getting paid! :)

I had sixth graders during student teaching and I had a similar size discrepancy. The two kids were best friends and the big one used to walk around telling everyone that the little one was his son.