Sunday, November 2, 2008


43 6th graders.

I shoulda brought candy.

1st 3 periods went well, good discussion with lots of "explain it to me" review, mixed a lot of students in the convo or showing me what needs to be done.

large crowds -- stay in one place, moving around allowed the tables/talkers behind me to get started up again; table by table reading of the text? teams to answer questions? nothing to get them too loud -- group work at tables than each share an answer/evidence? Or at some point just give up on the lesson plan and ask what they are interested in? Bribe with free time at the end if they can stay quiet AND get through the lesson...?

did have good result from a few defiant/smart alec students that I gave the stern "need you to cooperate" talk, then went right back to them to explain an answer and find evidence

The VP came in and went over SLANT -- Sit Straight, don't Lean, A...?, Nod at the teacher, Track the teacher as he/she moves around the room... I'm not sure I got those right, have to check the district/school's website.

seriously, need to hit Costco for suckers and jolly ranchers to keep those mouths busy with something other than yakking

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