Friday, January 23, 2009


Okay, time to make some changes -- a break in the Sub schedule and on to, boldly!, bravely!, the the unpaid world of Student Teaching!

Just one week before I'm supposed to start... somwhere? Don't know yet. Don't even know which district, just that it will be in a lower grade for 6 (?) weeks and then a 4-6th grade until the end of the school year (hoefully both assignments at the same school!)...

I am nervous. Expecting to fall flat on my face. Unsure of knowing enough: fractions, science, ELLs... What if I have a mean master teacher?

I am confident. I'm smart, clever, able to think on my feet. I've been responsible for 3 boys, 30 football players, and 3000 employees. I LOVE fractions!

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TeachEnEspanol said...

I recently learned how to teach fractions so that they're not the scariest things you're one up on me. But, any time you need help with ELL students, just ask. :) Good luck!