Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Stuff (?)

My wise father always said "There's no free lunch" but a teacher I met the other night told me he has received 2 free laptops, including a cool all-weather military style field experiment model, and other new tech devices for his science class in the past 2 months from this website ...yes, Free!

I have not looked into any details myself yet, but if I had my own classroom I would jump on this quick before it goes the way of our 401(K)s and classroom supply budgets...

I also saw a brief article about entire districts doing away with grade levels -- what you learn and what you know is where you are? Anybody worked with anything like this?

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A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

This program REALLY WORKS! Last year a company sponsored a year subscription for Weekly Reader Magazine--60 issues per month so all of my students could have their own copy. :)

After submitting documentation of what product you're asking for $$ for and how it will be used in your classroom, the only other requirement is that you send thank you letters to the donor company and (if possible) photos of your students using the product.
Whew...lots of run-on sentences today...sorry, I'm sleepy! :)