Sunday, August 1, 2010

When does he have time to comb his hair, much less let it catch fire?!?!?

This has got to be fiction, one of those James Frey "true as I remember it" tales?  Or it's a combination of several decades of teaching, all this -- plays, concerts, travel, baseball, manners -- could not possibly all occur in the same school year... with 5th graders?!?!?

They need hidden cameras in this classroom so mere mortals can see just how he does it.

I admire him, am intimidated by him, and will strive to have one tenth of the impact he has on his students.  I don't think we'll ever do Shakespeare, but I think the time he makes himself (and the classroom) available is a huge difference maker. I'm an early to work guy anyway, so as long as my students learn to use the coffee maker I'd love to have them in bright and early to get some work done, and designate days after school to focus on additional learning. 

The Hobart Shakespeareans website


Pigtailed Teacher said...

My coworker was talking about this book a few months ago. Is it more of a light read or something I actually have to focus on? :)
-Pigtailed Teacher

Joel said...

Not sure I'd call it a "light read" but it's not something you need to take copious notes for... He has many lesson/classroom management ideas, and sets a high standard for himself and his students. It;s def worth a read!