Monday, August 22, 2011

Room 21

An "Online Social Learning Platform" -- the District I'd really, really love to work for is starting to work with this -- has anybody tried it?

Go the "About" link for an introduction video.  I wonder if it;s used Sept through June or goes by the wayside 1/2 way through the year. What grades use it? Good intro to social networks for 3-5 grades?

no connection to Room 222?


BookAddict said...

Our school is doing a whole 21st Century Learning Academy thing. Just spent two days in a workshop with my colleagues. So exciting and inspiring. Student centered learning and collaboration with 21st century tools.

Joel said...

Excellent it's all about getting them ready for the next level, and if 21st Cent tools aren't are a part of that, how will they ever compete?

Anonymous said...

The key is teaching students the new skills necessary for participating in the global economy--communication collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.