Friday, February 17, 2012

Crossword Puzzles: Evil Incarnate?

Almost got this one first time through...

Yes, the NY Times one right next to it is is completely blank, but I'll take my victories where I can get 'em.

My sons have all brought home crossword puzzles in their homework packets, and as a Sub I've seen plenty of them left for me to copy and pass out. I have never understood how those were supposed to be educational since 99% of the kids just filled in one word, listed for them at the top of the page, then looked over at their neighbors' papers to fill in the rest.

I haven't worked one into a lesson yet but I see them as building and reinforcing the vocab while also sneaking in some new words. Plus there is the THINK factor, reading the clue for context and understanding -- why did the puzzle author choose that word? -- and having to actually try a word then erase and try again. Or in my case write over the error with a black pen and hope you don't notice.

Have you used word puzzles that actually challenge your students? When, how, etc?


and while I'm here, I love my desk. Just sayin'.

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