Saturday, May 26, 2012

No, we are not going to McDonald's...

But I do want to find some cool yet educational things for my classes to do over those last days of school.

I think that one of my "I could do better" motivations in becoming a teacher was the number of movies, parties, and "Free Play!" days my sons talked about.  Now I realize they may have been exaggerating the length and depth of these activities, and I may be setting myself for a full blown revolt, especially after studying the Revolutionary War, and will find myself scotch taped to the desk with an eraser in my mouth while my students abandon class to hang out in a room with popcorn and a Disney DVD, but I'd like them to do something they probably will NOT do for the majority of their summer break. You can't tell me kids these days will not eat a single bite of fast food or watch a single movie all summer...

So what should we do? Debates? Art? Recyclable material race tracks? Daily surprise quizzes?

As always, I am open to ideas.

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