Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Could I Have Done Better This Year?


Not that I was bad, in fact I'd say I was purty darn good. Probably had the students running more this year than they've ever run in their lives.  Of course some of them are only 6, so that's not a lot of life lived with the opportunity to run, but still. I would bet good money that the majority of our students run more during recess and the hour of P.E. than they do the rest of the week. sigh....

I would have liked to get more students in sports and physical activities outside of school. I created a bulletin board and posted local team sign-ups and YMCA class schedules, even told the kids they would have a lap-free day if they show me they signed up for something, but no takers.  Seriously, out of 350+ K-5th graders we have 30 MAX that play or have played team sports.
So I should have...

  • gotten some parent/coaches to come talk up their teams, maybe be a guest coach and show students some drills and games.
  • put more information directly into the parents' hands. I know fliers are passed out in classrooms, because I find them around campus in bushes, blowing across field, as paper airplanes... maybe a website or FB page to collect and present community info would get the word out better.

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