Sunday, March 22, 2009

How long 'til Spring Break???

I know, I know -- I've been a bad, as in non-existent, blogger.

I have a Master Teacher that likes to stay late after school to do all the talking, planning, copying, talking, reviewing, talking, tutoring, scheduling, talking.... I have an observer that feels there is not a lesson plan created that she cannot say needs "more detail" -- I may assign specific times for my breaths and heartbeats on the next one. And I have professors that amazingly and wonderfully eliminated assignments to ease our workload, but still require 30+ page papers that due to procrastination and stubbornness I am having to make up 80% of as I frantically type to meet the deadline.

Not to mention Facebook, March Madness, and sunshine -- how am I supposed to get anything done around here?!?!?

; )


Anonymous said...

I think many teachers enjoy procrastination... it's the drama- we have a drama filled life with children, so why not continue it to our school life! J/K I have enjoyed reading your blog!

TeachEnEspanol said...

I can't say that I miss student teaching. Definitely go with that breathing and heartbeat thing...troublemaker. :) You sound like you still have your sense of humor with you and that will carry you far. If you think about it, student teaching is actually pretty close to being over!

JK said...

2 more weeks of 5th grade, then 2 weeks of spring break, then it's 3rd grade until June!