Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ok, now I can breathe...

Not very deep, relaxing breaths, but at least the danger of hyperventilation is (briefly) over.

Got all the major course assignments complete, all the classroom observations done and over, and one week left with my precious 5th graders before Spring Break! After which, of course, it starts all over again, but this time with a Master's degree course and 3rd graders (13 boys & 6 girls -- who planned that class?)... but I plan on enjoying the moment while it lasts. I also miss my boys -- after 2+ years living the life of "Mr Mom" and some major Son/Dad time, it was hard to wake them up on my way out the door in the morning and kiss 'em goodnight when they're already snoring.

Now I need to go watch the video of my teaching and see just how large and shiny my forehead really is; I'm sure it* needs a great deal of editing before I present it to Professor and classmates. My (very) amateur cinematographers were 3 bickering adhd/gifted students, and my MT makes several timely appearances, needing something coincidentally wherever the camera happened to be focused!

* the video, not my forehead

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TeachEnEspanol said...

I'm so glad to see here back here writing again! It is good that things have calmed down (if only a little bit). I always hated watching myself teach on camera but I also always learned something from it. It seems like you and your forehead still have your sense of humor in that will serve you well! :)