Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teachers Done Got It Good

A comment on this much read and commented on post. I guess I'm just full of myself enough to repeat it here. ;)

We need a comprehensive, scientific poll: I always wonder how many teachers, the ones who love and respect the job and the ones who whine and complain (and yes, you could do both) would change careers if they could? Just pick another job and *poof* now you’re a contractor, lawyer, restaurant owner!* Then compare those stats to all who would switch to Teaching as their paycheck?

IMHO, and as one who as worked 20 years outside Education first, Teachers done got it good. Yes we work hard, yes we must be creative, yes we deal with bothersome irritations, constant frustrations, and seemingly unattainable expectations/goals, but what job worth doing doesn’t? Not to mention apathetic students and ignorant parents. Yet we are doing something that makes sense, means something, can and does have a positive impact, AND we can be home most days by 4:00 and never, ever work Christmas Eve!

Appreciate it, Respect it, and get back to work.

*Choosing “All Pro Linebacker” or “Multiple Oscar Winner” doesn’t count. Stay realistic.

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