Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Day Virgin

Student teaching? End of a school year. 
5th grade class? January to June, end of the year. 
P.E. Teacher? Oh sure, three years but the first week of school is different for PE: fewer and simpler rules and procedures, and get the kids running to work off their own back to school anxiety. 

So don't tell my new boss, but I've never done this whole First Week of School thing...

Can I give them a test on our first day? 
Or do we have to do lots of cute creative projects to decorate the room?
Is the "Don't smile until Christmas" rule in effect?
Do I really need to have 4th graders practice lining up and raising their hands?
How soon do we open the textbooks?
Will we even have textbooks yet?

Can I just skip ahead to week 2?

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52Quotes said...

Love the honesty...great to see blogging like and real and makes the reader smile and think 'I know that feeling!'